Gratitude Wake UP Call

I’ll be honest, I get cranky when I do not get proper rest, and yesterday was one of those days. I was tired from moving this weekend, my toddler was at a level 1000 and I allowed everything—every little thing--to bother me! I was an emotional mess.

Then I found out about the tragic helicopter crashing in Calabasas, California.

Although I should have immediately been filled with gratitude, I could not make the shift to immediately improve my attitude. I allowed my attitude to cause a distance between my husband and me, and I self-sabotaged my day. Thank God that yesterday wasn’t the end for me!

Have you ever been there…knowing you SHOULD be grateful, but not knowing HOW to operate in a place of gratitude?

Here’s a resource that will help shift your mindset when you are unable to do it own your own.  I'll be adding it to my morning routine. 

Please share with someone who can benefit from this template.

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